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Are TSA approved travel bottle with capacity mark?

Small make up I tell a departure from Beijing this year experience of: I take travel bottle in bought from online, 90 ml, has been used before, so the grinding capacity of the label on the bottle has gone.And from the Internet selling travel bottle, 20 ml, scale Past security, have been detected, 20 ml was directly determine there is no problem, because the visual is not super; 90 ml is prevented bask in doubt. I explained that this really don’t exceed 100 ml, staff asked next to his head, and said nothing, let. But the director said, the next best is the bottle with logo, otherwise it is no longer to make.So, I give you the conclusion is that:
1, there is no capacity, but significantly less than 100 ml bottle no problem;
2, there is no capacity, but easy to produce the bottle of dissent entirely depend on luck. Security personnel in a good mood, you can, in a bad mood can not pass. So to avoid or try to avoid as well.


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